Interior Designer Application Form

Terms and Conditions:
These Terms and Conditions are hereby made a part of this Dealer Account Form and all future
Sales Orders and Invoices.
Please sign below and return a copy of this Blue Chip Furniture, LLC Dealer Account Form to
express your agreement with these terms.
Buyer (Customer) agrees to pay the Total Amount shown on all Sales Orders and Invoices and in
accordance with these Terms and Conditions and as shown on said Sales Orders and Invoices.
Once a Sales Order has been submitted by Buyer (Customer), the Sales Order is final, and no changes
in the Sales Order can be made without the written consent of Blue Chip Furniture, LLC.
If Buyer (Customer) fails to accept delivery of the goods ordered and shipped, the Total Amount is
still due and owing from the date of the attempted delivery of the goods. The Invoice Total Amount
will match the Sales Order Total Amount unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties. In the
event, Blue Chip Furniture, LLC agrees to accept a return, the Buyer (Customer) will be liable for a
$150.00 restocking fee and responsible for all return freight charges.
All Sales Orders will be processed and shipped on the following terms: Invoices are due upon receipt.
Please pay within 30 days of the Invoice Date to avoid late charges. *Acceptable forms of payment
include Cash, Company Check, Certified Check, Wire Transfer of Funds, Credit Card or Debit Card,
all in the currency of the United States of America or Gold at the prevailing market value of this
precious metal. Blue Chip Furniture, LLC reserves the right to accept payment on or about the due
date via the Credit Card and/or Debit Card number listed in the Engender Dealer Account Form with
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express being permitted. In the event, payment is made
by credit or debit card, Buyer (Customer) hereby agrees to pay the additional charge of 3.9% of the
Invoice Total Amount as a processing fee. Balances not paid within 30 days of the Invoice Date will
accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month thereafter. Buyer (Customer) agrees to pay all costs of
collection, including attorney's fees and costs.
All transactions are governed by North Carolina law. The parties agree to the exclusive
jurisdiction of North Carolina courts, with proper venue in Guilford County, North Carolina.

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